So heres the lowdown. First is a sketch for a t-shirt design I'm doing for Tree And Bicycle Co, check them out they've got some really great shirts for sale. www.treebicycleco.com. This is only half the design but the idea is 2 groups of people are trapped in a "bucket" or basically just a hole of some sort and one group works together and makes it out "harmony" while the other fights to get out and accomplishes nothing "chaos". This is obviously the harmony side and I'll post the chaos sketch, color studies and eventually a picture of the actual shirt when its made.

2nd on the line up is an in class study. 3 hours, water based oil on canvas. 12x16.

3rd would be an illustration for my editorial painting class based off an article "Maia In Yonkers" by Sana Krasikov. That would be acrylic and marker on canvas. 12x16

The last 3 would be spot illustrations for my editorial painting class. For these we only had a week on so all of these were quite rushed. All done in acrylic on canvas. All 8x12 i believe.

Hope everyone has a happy halloween! I'll be spending my halloween this year in ohio enjoying the fine melodies of mindless self indulgence. haha should be a good time.

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I like to do red noses too!