Gimme Love

Busting these bad boys out!



Here's my next skateboard. It's a whale!



This is the most recent skatedeck. Hope you all enjoy. I've also decided that the company is going to be called Eden. I'm currently working up the logo for it. I'm going to do 2 more skatedecks and then start working on the catelog.

Also I have a piece on display at the 3rd Nature Event at the Russell Industrial Center December 4th at 9pm. 5 Dollar cover charge, drinks will be served and Deadbeat Beat, Snow People and Lightning Love are playing the event as well. Come check it out if your in the neighborhood! It's going to be amazing.



There is an exciting event going on in Detroit right now called the "Retreat Art Show". It's being put on by the Trumbullplex and the idea was to pick up some discarded tires and turn them into artwork. Luckily living in Detroit gives us a surplus of old tires so it was not a problem. Then the tires will be on display and auctioned off for charity. Here is a link to the event on facebook. The even tis this saturday and if you are in the area you should check it out! This is my submission and also anther skatedeck I've been working on. Hope all is well for everyone.



Here is another deck I worked out for this little project I am focusing on. Really enjoying doing these so far.



Here are a couple of things I've been up too. I am designing a line of skatedecks for fun and this would be the first installment. I plan on doing around 6 and will post them on here as I finish them. The other piece is a commission from a good friend, Brittany Durand who just moved into a new house and needed some artwork.


Remillard Beach

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. This is a piece I've been working on for my friend Brian Remillard. He is going to be a father very soon and had the idea to get a bunch of us illustrators to do some artwork to put together a book for him. I need some critiques though so please tell me what you think about it!!! Take care.


some random stuff ive been up too.


Comic P5

Here is the 5th page in the comic Matt Byle and I are working on for fun. Hope you guys enjoy. I would love some comments, not sure if this is finished yet or not.



Here is my own rendition of a TV show The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. I'm not sure if it is completely finished, I may add a little bit more to it. Also I've included the rough drawing for the next page in an untitled collaborative comic between myself and Matt Byle. This will be page 5. Enjoy!



Here is the line work of an upcoming piece I'm working on based on the tv show "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack". Also a sketch dump, wooo!



This is my submission for the Monsters show starting June 25 - August 6 at Work Detroit Gallery at the University of Michigan.


Creature Feature

A good friend and fellow artist Cameron Hagedon has decided to feature me on his website. Once a month he chooses an artist to feature on his home page and displays a few of their pieces and a brief description about the artist and how to get in contact with them. I am thrilled to be the first artist he has featured there and would love for all of you to go check it out HERE


Here are a couple more things I've finished up. First is another on site painting I did at Mill Race in downtown Northville. 16x20 Oil on wood. The other piece is a digital painting of Mickey Rourke for the Hallway Blog



Here are a couple of landscape paintings I just put up for sale on my etsy. They were all painted on site in Hines Park. The last two I did last summer and the first one I did a few weeks ago.

oil on canvas 16x20

oil on canvas 16x20

oil on canvas 20x20


Mobil Skateboards

Here is a skatedeck I did for the upcoming Mobil Skateboards show at the Magic Stick May 14th starting at 7pm. This event is free and will have live music and plenty of other skatedecks from fellow artists for sale. Come check it out!!!



Here are a couple of projects I've been working on lately. Some rebranding work with Mother's Pizzeria and the AHL team the Albany River Rats. My final review for college is in a few hours and then it's graduation time!! Everything is crazy right now, more updates soon.


Comic P3

So here is another update on the collaboration comic between myself and Matt Byle This is the 3rd page line work and the color isnt quite finished yet. Hop on over to Matt's blog to check out the 2nd and 4th pages!


Here is a piece I recently finished for my period and costume design class. Thought it would be fun to post some process work on this one. First is the drawing, the gouache painting and then the finished piece done digitally. Hope you enjoy.



Here is a few works in progress. The first is my submission for the Detroit Jazzfest Poster Competition this year. It is basically finished, a couple of final touches I want to make but it does need to be rephotographed as well. The other is my first stab at a comic strip. I drew a lot of inspiration from Jamie Hewlitt and Ashley Wood's Tank Girl comic. My friend Matt Byle and I have decided to collaborate in a very free, loose way with these comics. Basically the idea is that I do a page, he draws inspiration from what I did and creates the second page. It doesn't necessarily have to continue the story just using it as a jumping off point, then rinse and repeat. Should be an interesting and fun experience. Enjoy!



Here is the finished version of my Little Red Riding Hood. Just finished framing this bad boy and it is being shipped off to the children's hospital in Detroit and around march will be on display at the Detroit Public Library. I've also recently decided to enter the 2010 Jazzfest Poster Competition and have begun working out my painting for that. I'll post images when I get a bit further into the piece. There is also a show about to start up at the Carr Center hosted by the Arts League of Michigan that I will be participating in. I'll post up some info on that show as soon as I know.



Here is a piece I worked out for a show coming up at the Detroit Public Library and the children's hospital. Not sure if it's quite finished yet, I may add a few more tweaks to it.



Here is an illustration that may or may not be complete for an article in Adbusters most recent addition "The Big Ideas of 2010" on an article called Ramadan Xmas. This illustration and article is about the seemingly seasonal depression that follows after the holidays. Enjoy!