It occured to me today that March 2nd is only a few days away, I have no idea what happened to February but it certainly is not here anymore. The reason I'm mentioning this is the fact that I have 2 pieces to turn into annuals, and a piece for a gallery all due on March 2nd. Then 3 days later I have to have a piece to turn in for another annual. On top of a very large amount of homework, next week is shaping up to be a busy one.

In Jazzfest related news, I received an email today saying that my painting is in the top 5 and I have to drop the painting off at the Michigan Arts Office on March 2nd (who would have guessed) but I'm very excited. They are going to judge the top 5 pieces and decide which piece will be the poster for the Jazzfest this year. Wish me luck!



Michael Burdickkkk. Happy Birthday Sir!



Morgan!!! notice this is number 8. I didnt post number 7 because I drew it and redrew it 4 times then painted it twice and never wound up liking it so I got really frustrated and scribbled all over it.



everyone's friend Chris Houghton :)




Im having an off day but I did my best with the portrait. Sorry Vince, haha.

Also some sketchesss!



Here is my portrait for the day. This is my roomate Bobby, he is goofy and makes funny faces. This is the first gouache painting I've done since my freshman year. I'm still not a big fan but I did begin to understand how to use it. Maybe I'll give it a few more tries before I decide if I like it or not.

Also the sketch in the corner is by Amy Hojnacki. Check out her art here. It's pretty fantastic!



Hey look it's Amy!



So I've got some news. I just received an email saying that my Jazzfest piece made it in. They will be judging which pieces make 1st 2nd and 3rd but as of right now its guaranteed to be in the gallery touring cities for this years Jazzfest :D.

I've also decided I'm going to try and do a portrait everyday for the next month. Here is number 1, my friend Nick.


Hallway Illustration

no one on the corner have swagga like us


Space Insurance

Here is a new digital for my digital. har har. Just really playing around with textures and trying to get the hang of photoshop and corel.


Jazzfest 09

Here is a painting I did for the Jazzfest 09 competition. 18x24 acrylic on canvas. (dont mind the shadows in the corners.)

and heres a few digitals from my digital pen and ink class.