T Shirt Color Roughs


here is a few color roughs for the t shirt design for tree and bicycle co. probably going with the top one. working on the other half of the t shirt design right now.

also im listening to jimmy eat world right now, i havent listened to them since 6th grade-ish? still good though, ha.

tomorrow im going to be doing an entire painting in a night once again. im long overdue for a little relaxation and drinks among friends. i feel like a hermit when im here.

also i hate the winter.


So heres the lowdown. First is a sketch for a t-shirt design I'm doing for Tree And Bicycle Co, check them out they've got some really great shirts for sale. www.treebicycleco.com. This is only half the design but the idea is 2 groups of people are trapped in a "bucket" or basically just a hole of some sort and one group works together and makes it out "harmony" while the other fights to get out and accomplishes nothing "chaos". This is obviously the harmony side and I'll post the chaos sketch, color studies and eventually a picture of the actual shirt when its made.

2nd on the line up is an in class study. 3 hours, water based oil on canvas. 12x16.

3rd would be an illustration for my editorial painting class based off an article "Maia In Yonkers" by Sana Krasikov. That would be acrylic and marker on canvas. 12x16

The last 3 would be spot illustrations for my editorial painting class. For these we only had a week on so all of these were quite rushed. All done in acrylic on canvas. All 8x12 i believe.

Hope everyone has a happy halloween! I'll be spending my halloween this year in ohio enjoying the fine melodies of mindless self indulgence. haha should be a good time.


Homework Shiz

All these paintings were done in water based oil on canvas. The first piece was an assignment in my adv illustration tech class. We were given a random quote and had to come up with different ideas on where to take it. My quote was "What we expect seldom occurs, what we least expect generally happens." and I decided to do a piece about my aunt. A few years back she was at a fair and it began to storm, lightning struck her umbrella but luckily the umbrella had a rubber handle so she wasnt harmed. This was 30x20.

2nd piece was an in class study. Done in 3 hours, on canvas 12x12.

3rd is a portrait of John Bonham. The assignment was to do a portrait of someone we respect, who is famous and deceased. Done on 16x12 canvas. Enjoy!!!!!!


Here is the finish of my most recent painting for editorial painting. The idea of this assignment was another spin on vinyl and we had to show how vinyl records are becoming trendy and popular among the younger crowds. I chose to do a pirade with all the trendy thrift store kids following behind the leader who has an old school record player strapped to his chest and back marching through the streets of detroit. It has recently come to my attention that all the images on my monitor appear to be much brighter than those on other monitors (or at least thats what I'm assuming by the prints I've been getting back in the image center) so maybe let me know if this piece looks extremely dark to you or not cause I'd really like to figure this issue out.

Anyways this is acrylic and marker on 20x16 canvas.



School has begun once again. Always a bit overwhelming to get back into the groove of things but everythings been going well. Keeping myself very busy with school work and some commission work whenever I have time. Anyways I have to get back to more homework, I'll be posting some process work and maybe some progress shots of paintings in the works. Take care everyone!

Here is a few re-scans of some sketches and a few new ones in no particular order.


More Sketches

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I've had a hard time caring when my scanner is so god awful. I plan on rescanning all of these last posts once I move back to Detroit and have access to all that great equipment at CCS.


Few More Sketchs

Here's a couple more sketchs. Once again sorry for the obnoxiously bad scanner.



Its 4am and I can't sleep so I'll post on here instead. Here's a couple of pages from my sketchbook. Trying to keep myself busy this summer. I've got a few paintings in the works, nothing finished yet but I'll post once they are. Sorry for the crappy scans, my scanner....is crappy.



Here is just a few of my final paintings in my illustration and fine arts classes. The first is the finished version of my Illustration painting entitled "Creeper" done in acrylic on board. The 2nd piece is Daniel Day Lewis, image taken from the movie "There Will Be Blood" done in oil on canvas. The 3rd is an in class painting from my fine arts class. I was not able to completely finish it due to its monumental size of 64x57. oil on canvas.

summer has already kicked off wonderfully. Nothing better than drinking and playing GTA4.