I painted Henrik Zetterberg for my last post of the hockey season over at 7th Round Pick Check out the full post there! This was done in acrylic and marker on wood and is 5x6 in.

Updated - 7/3/12


Random dump

Heres a whole bunch of random things, also introducing denali on here!


Gold On Fire

This is the 3rd and final piece done for the Sheraton Ann Arbor's restaurant. This piece is acrylic on canvas and can be purchased at the hotel or you can send me an email and I will get back to you with the details. Hope you enjoy!


Jazz and Draw

A painting I did for the Jazzfest awhile ago is being featured on a great blog called Jazz and Draw. Check it out, there are some really great artists on there.

Here are some pages from a sketchbook I recently finished...