Its 4am and I can't sleep so I'll post on here instead. Here's a couple of pages from my sketchbook. Trying to keep myself busy this summer. I've got a few paintings in the works, nothing finished yet but I'll post once they are. Sorry for the crappy scans, my scanner....is crappy.



Here is just a few of my final paintings in my illustration and fine arts classes. The first is the finished version of my Illustration painting entitled "Creeper" done in acrylic on board. The 2nd piece is Daniel Day Lewis, image taken from the movie "There Will Be Blood" done in oil on canvas. The 3rd is an in class painting from my fine arts class. I was not able to completely finish it due to its monumental size of 64x57. oil on canvas.

summer has already kicked off wonderfully. Nothing better than drinking and playing GTA4.