End of Semester

Here are two new illustrations I just finished up. The first one is an illustration based off of a sketchbook project I am taking part in through Art House Co-Op My theme was monsters and I thought it would be fun to take my favorite sketches and create an illustration out of them to glue to the inside cover. The 2nd illustration is about passing notes in grade school. Also tomorrow is the last day of the semester, I couldn't be happier!



Did this piece for a new fancy blog that you can check out here.


Let's Save Michigan

Just submitted this bad boy today. Also I'm almost done with my version of Calvin and Hobbes " The Summers Are Packed", I'll have that posted on here around thursday. Also I'm exhausted.



So a few things to update upon. I've finished re-vamping my book "Be Optimistic" with new images and just tightened up some of the querks with it. Going to have my instructors check it out, get some final advice then begin ordering a bundle of them to ship off for internships. I've also begun working on re-designing a comic book cover for a popular blog, Covered Blog. I decided to do Calvin and Hobbes because I've always been a huge fan and am really excited to give my own spin on the comic classics. Finally I worked out a piece for an upcoming competition called "Let's Save Michigan" which is a promotion to inspire people to be more involved in creating a better Michigan. Here's what I came up with.


mew continued

I promised more, here's more.


heres a few random things i did today while avoiding writing a paper. this list will probably continue to grow as the night goes on.



Here's a couple of things I've worked out in the recent weeks. The first 2 are some digital illustrations that will be for sale on my etsy account if you are interested and the last 4 are some monotypes I made that will be for sale during noel night.



Just put up a print for sale on etsy.com. I'll probably be posting a couple prints on there within the week so check it out, favorite me and buy all my stuff :D


Senior Stuffs

So it's been literally forever since I posted something on here so I figured I probably should someday and it looks like that day is today. Here is a few pieces I've worked out for some of my senior classes. All of them are finished digitally. I've got quite a few paintings that need to be photographed that I did over the summer but I haven't got around to it yet. Very soon however those will be posted along with a few other senior pieces I've finished. Enjoy!


I Don't Want To Die In The Hospital

Here is a piece I did for the upcoming show at 555 called Consumptuous Consumerism starting July 11th. This is acrylic and marker on wood canvas 18x18. Now I'm off to the fireworks, hope everyones having a good holiday!


Scribes Show At Izzy's

Here is my submission to Izzy's Raw Art Gallery. The show is called "Scribes" and is nothing but mixed media. My piece is entitled "Embrace" and is done with acrylic, marker and ink on wood. It's 12 1/2 x 15. Hope you enjoy and I'll keep you posted on the start of the show but it should be end of June/ beginning of July. Enjoy!



The 555 Gallery in Detroit is putting on a new group show entitled "The Green Show". I got word today that my piece "Creeper" will be among other great artists from June 14th until June 30th. You should all go check it out, should be pretty exciting. Also in other news I have a piece going into a show held by Izzy's Raw Art Gallery sometime late June. The show is entitled "Scribes" and should be very interesting, nothing but mixed media/ graffiti is being accepted. I'll post up my submission to that show as soon as I finish it. 


Obama/ Army

Summer is here. I've decided to work on some realistic stuff this summer and began with Obama. 16x20 Acrylic on canvas. And in the coming weeks I am having a friend sit for me which will be an exciting experience. I'll make sure to post that when it's finished. Also posting a painting a fellow artist and friend Matt Byle did in exchange for a painting of mine. Other than that I've just been looking for any freelance jobs and applying at some different places, trying to keep myself as busy as possible. Hope everyones summer is going great!


To A Friend

heres a painting i did for fun that i am exchanging with my friend matt byle. also my final review is tomorrow, very exciting! time for bed!!!!



Here's the last piece of my series about baggage. This piece stands for the search of knowledge for knowledge sake.


I touched up a few paintings from last semester. Also finished up my digital piece Old Heroes from my last post.


Old Heroes

Here is a piece I'm working on in my digital pen and ink class. I need some advice on it. Help me out and tell me what you think!!!!!!


Be Optimistic

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

I just published my first book. It's a 40 page paperback full of illustrations, sketches, photos, ideas and anything else I could think of. The link above will let you order it for 20 dollars or you could just ask me and I'll get it for you a bit cheaper (about 15 bucks). Let me know if your interested, I'd love to get anyone one.



Here is a digital piece I'm working on. It's about how the older we get the more baggage we carry with us on our shoulders. hardships we're facing and those little things that constantly pick away at you. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to finish this one off so some criticism and maybe a few ideas would be greatly appreciated!



!!!!!!!!!! Last Daily! Last Page In My Sketchbook! ZOMGZ!!!