!!!!!!!!!! Last Daily! Last Page In My Sketchbook! ZOMGZ!!!



Here is a few more dailies. Almost done!!! Only 4 more, I'm really excited that I stuck with them. It's been quite a learning experience, especially with gouache which I hadn't used since freshman year. I hope you've enjoyed them as much as I've enjoyed doing them.



I just received word that my Jazzfest piece won 2nd place in the competition.



Izzy's/ Touchup Creeper

This first piece I did was for the St Patricks Day show over at Izzy's Raw Art Gallery. The show runs for 2 weeks but opening night is March 14th from 8pm-11pm and March 15th after the parade from 9am-whenever. Also there is free beer on sunday!

My piece illustrates a local bar myself and a group of friends attend every thursday called Herman's. We have titled this event thirsty thursdays, it's always a good time to get out and relax every once in awhile. 20x16 Acrylic on Canvas and it will be for sale at Izzy's. (Once again don't mind the shadows in the corners. Sometimes it's impossible to get a decent shot in my apartment.)

The second piece is a touch up of an older painting I did entitled "Creeper" I touched it up for the 3v3 Illustration Annual and I'll find out in may if it made it in or not. 24x24 Acrylic and Marker on Board.


Portrait16/ Hallway Illustration

Tony Devito! Sorry ladies he's taken.. hah

Also ERNEST!!!

Hope everyone has a great spring break!


Portrait 12/13

Here is a couple more portraits. I was running behind because of this crazy week but I just caught up with the dailies. I also finished a piece for Izzy's St Patricks Day show which was accepted. I drop it off sunday so that will give me a few days to touch it up and then I'll take some photos and post it on here as well. Stop by if you can, the show is March 14th at 8pm and ends March 15th at 10pm. Should be a good time, art, music and dollar beer celebrating st patricks day, the holiest of holidays.