Here is the finish of my most recent painting for editorial painting. The idea of this assignment was another spin on vinyl and we had to show how vinyl records are becoming trendy and popular among the younger crowds. I chose to do a pirade with all the trendy thrift store kids following behind the leader who has an old school record player strapped to his chest and back marching through the streets of detroit. It has recently come to my attention that all the images on my monitor appear to be much brighter than those on other monitors (or at least thats what I'm assuming by the prints I've been getting back in the image center) so maybe let me know if this piece looks extremely dark to you or not cause I'd really like to figure this issue out.

Anyways this is acrylic and marker on 20x16 canvas.

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Matthew Byle said...

Noiceee piece. Quick tip about the adjustment of your monitor, grab a sheet of blank white paper and hold it up to the screen then adjust your monitors white to the white of that paper and you will have a bit better of a print out.