Here is a few works in progress. The first is my submission for the Detroit Jazzfest Poster Competition this year. It is basically finished, a couple of final touches I want to make but it does need to be rephotographed as well. The other is my first stab at a comic strip. I drew a lot of inspiration from Jamie Hewlitt and Ashley Wood's Tank Girl comic. My friend Matt Byle and I have decided to collaborate in a very free, loose way with these comics. Basically the idea is that I do a page, he draws inspiration from what I did and creates the second page. It doesn't necessarily have to continue the story just using it as a jumping off point, then rinse and repeat. Should be an interesting and fun experience. Enjoy!



Here is the finished version of my Little Red Riding Hood. Just finished framing this bad boy and it is being shipped off to the children's hospital in Detroit and around march will be on display at the Detroit Public Library. I've also recently decided to enter the 2010 Jazzfest Poster Competition and have begun working out my painting for that. I'll post images when I get a bit further into the piece. There is also a show about to start up at the Carr Center hosted by the Arts League of Michigan that I will be participating in. I'll post up some info on that show as soon as I know.



Here is a piece I worked out for a show coming up at the Detroit Public Library and the children's hospital. Not sure if it's quite finished yet, I may add a few more tweaks to it.