Scribes Show At Izzy's

Here is my submission to Izzy's Raw Art Gallery. The show is called "Scribes" and is nothing but mixed media. My piece is entitled "Embrace" and is done with acrylic, marker and ink on wood. It's 12 1/2 x 15. Hope you enjoy and I'll keep you posted on the start of the show but it should be end of June/ beginning of July. Enjoy!



The 555 Gallery in Detroit is putting on a new group show entitled "The Green Show". I got word today that my piece "Creeper" will be among other great artists from June 14th until June 30th. You should all go check it out, should be pretty exciting. Also in other news I have a piece going into a show held by Izzy's Raw Art Gallery sometime late June. The show is entitled "Scribes" and should be very interesting, nothing but mixed media/ graffiti is being accepted. I'll post up my submission to that show as soon as I finish it.