Here are 3 other small pieces I did for the art relief which went very well. We raised over 700 dollars for charity and got to drink plenty of great beer at the Corner Brewery! All of these were done on felt board in oil and marker.


These are two paintings done for an upcoming show hosted by a friend of mine, Sarah Adcock. It will be located at the Corner Brewery in Ann Arbor Mi. Here is the facebook event.

"We would like to take Art Relief 2 one step further, and not only have an art/craft fair with drinks and music, but also a silent auction, where we will auction art, prizes, gift certificates, and anything else donated by local business. Donations are appreciated and encouraged! 100% of the auction proceeds will be donated to the Art Relief 2 beneficiary: The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County (SAWC)."

November 28th 2011. Come hang out!


Ruslan Salei

This is a painting I did in memory of Ruslan Salei. One of the 43 members of the russian hockey team Lokomotiv to lose their lives in a horrible plane crash this past month. RIP


7th Round Pick

I have begun posting on a Red Wings blog created by myself, Matt Byle and Billy Byle. This blog will be us 3 posting illustrations and just having some discussions about the Detroit Red Wings or other hockey news. I've also included my two illustrations for the blog so far. Enjoy!


48 Hours

So completely random news today. I'm going to have 3 of my paintings on display in the background of an upcoming episode of 48 Hours (CBS). Keep an eye out everybody.

P.S. It's the Jazz musician paintings done for the Sheraton in Ann Arbor.


The Butcher

Here is a painting I was commissioned to do by a good friend of mine. The Butcher (Daniel Day Lewis) from Gangs of New York. This painting was done with acrylic on canvas.


Gold On Fire

Here is the latest painting I've finished for the Sheraton Ann Arbor. I also have received some exciting news. The hotel is going to buy all of the paintings I do to become apart of their permanent display for the restaurant.


Stone Soup

Hey everybody in the Detroit Area! There is a show going on at Work Detroit July 8th - August 12th called Stone Soup. I will be displaying a piece in the show along with some other great artists. My former instructor Don Kilpatrick included. You should check it out if your around, this should be a really good show!



I am doing the installation at the Sheraton Ann Arbor's new restaurant. Here is one of the pieces I've recently finished for it. I'll post others as I go and make sure to show everyone the final installation. Very excited about this project. This piece is acrylic on canvas 22x28.


The Three Stooges

One of the most fun freelance jobs I've had. The Three Stooges as Zombies!!


Fester Addams

Here is a painting I did of Fester Addams for the Hallway Show. Go check it out if you haven't before! This piece is acrylic and marker on canvas.



Hey everyone! Sorry for the extreme lack of updates lately. If anyone is looking for a status update I am still living in Detroit. I haven't found a full time position just yet but I have been fortunate enough to be apart of a pretty cool freelance project. Chris Harrison is a writer in California and contacted me about doing some concept art for his upcoming series. I've been hard at work creating characters, environments, web banners, etc. and once the website is up you can believe I will be posting links here.

Also Art X is coming up and I had a couple of submissions. Here is an older painting I decided to touch up and submit. Based off of an amazing tv show that I miss dearly, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. This was done with acrylic, gouache, ink and marker on wood.


Eden Skateboard Catalog

Here is the front and back cover to a project I've been working on. I created a skateboard company called Eden Skateboards. This is the cover to the catalog that would be sent out to your local skateboard fans to showcase all the good stuff Eden Skateboards has to offer, such as skatedecks, clothing, etc. I will probably post the entire project soon. It's a 6 page catalog/ portfolio that I hope you all will enjoy!



Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been up to super secret things! Here's a peek.