End of Semester

Here are two new illustrations I just finished up. The first one is an illustration based off of a sketchbook project I am taking part in through Art House Co-Op My theme was monsters and I thought it would be fun to take my favorite sketches and create an illustration out of them to glue to the inside cover. The 2nd illustration is about passing notes in grade school. Also tomorrow is the last day of the semester, I couldn't be happier!



Did this piece for a new fancy blog that you can check out here.


Let's Save Michigan

Just submitted this bad boy today. Also I'm almost done with my version of Calvin and Hobbes " The Summers Are Packed", I'll have that posted on here around thursday. Also I'm exhausted.



So a few things to update upon. I've finished re-vamping my book "Be Optimistic" with new images and just tightened up some of the querks with it. Going to have my instructors check it out, get some final advice then begin ordering a bundle of them to ship off for internships. I've also begun working on re-designing a comic book cover for a popular blog, Covered Blog. I decided to do Calvin and Hobbes because I've always been a huge fan and am really excited to give my own spin on the comic classics. Finally I worked out a piece for an upcoming competition called "Let's Save Michigan" which is a promotion to inspire people to be more involved in creating a better Michigan. Here's what I came up with.