Updated Carv

here is the caravaggio finished. I touched up the wings today for my illustration class. this is acrylic on illustration board. not exactly sure about the dimensions right now, id measure but im very very tired. let me know what you think! have a good one.


Eat It Caravaggio

So here is the endurance test I did today. The entire painting in one day, took me 9 1/2 hours but I finished it and as it stands right now im quite happy with it. Very very long day and I'm ready to get some sleep. Goodnight everyone!


Self Portrait Finished!!

Here is the self portrait for my fine arts class. 16x20 oil on canvas. I'm relatively happy with it, it got a little sloppy and rushed near the end but all in all I'd call it a success.

So the roomates and I have decided to turn our garage into a studio. It is a little late in the semester to decide that but things are just so cramped in our place and we're all getting pretty sick of all the noise Frank causes. I'll post some pics once we get the studio all set up and anyone who wants to come over and work with us is always welcome!


Sketches Dud3!

Here is those sketches I promised you. These are all for my illustration class and some little doodles just for fun.

Oh and get this, my roomate Frank not only leaves our doors unlocked every time he leaves (we live in detroit) but just a minute ago he decided he would go one step further and just leave the front door wide open.... it's fucking winter.

And totally finished my self portrait in bitches class already. Entering that into a competition for print magazine, should be interesting. I think I might just do another since we do have like 2 weeks to work on this and it is the only fun assignment we're going to get in her class.

I'm thinking about turning that last sketch into a painting. Haven't done any personal pieces in awhile, should be interesting.


Finished Study

Here is the finished study from my illustration class. Finished it today in class. Done in acrylic on illustration board yo!

Charcoal Master and Self Portrait

Here is a charcoal piece done for my illustration class. We had to copy an old masters painting in charcoal and eventually are going to be re-creating the painting, pretty intimidating. I chose a Caravaggio painting cause he's the man. Took me around 4-5 hours to finish it. 1 sitting how about that, I feel like i got hit by a bus. haha.

the other piece is the beginning to a self portrait (although it doesnt look like me right now) for my fine arts figure class. Have to touch up some proportional issues but not too bad for a start, especially since i started it at 2am last night/this morning.
Anywho I'll have the finished painting up around friday since thats when it's due. Now it's time for some good old fashioned video games and sleeeeeeeeep!


New Study!!!

Here's a new paining I started in my illustration class today. We had about 2 hours to work on it today. We still have one more class period to work on this and I'll post the finish by the end of the week. All of these paintings have been in a limited palette of yellow oxide, red oxide, titanium white and mars black. (well all of them except this one, I accidentally used cadmium red instead of red oxide buuuuuuuut aside from that) New sketches and finished painting up sooooooon!



First piece is the first study I did for Erik's class. Had 2 class periods on it. acrylic on ill board.

2nd one is Work in progress from Erik's Figure Illustration 2 class. This is after the first day working on it also acrylic on illustration board.

more sketches to come soon!

Anatomy Studies/Painting

here are a couple of studies/sketches from Eugenes anatomy class last semester and a painting I did for fun. I'll have some new stuff up tomorrow, just wanted to throw a couple things up. (it was a little lonely on here) Enjoy!