New Study/ Self Portraits Galore!

I'm all about the new garage studio we set up. we have a space heater and a cd player all set up in there. the only thing I wish we had was some old rug to cover up all the different leaks from cars all over the floor and maybe an old couch haha.

Here are 2 self portraits I did for my illustration and design class. done in illustrator for a competition hosted by print magazine. www.printmag.com
Here is another study from my illustration 2 class. acrylic on illustration board. Done in napthol crimson, cad yellow, ultramarine blue, titanium white, mars black and burnt sienna

Here is a charcoal study of a self portrait I am starting in my Illustration 2 class. This was done on arches charcoal paper. Struggled a bit with it cause of all the tooth on the paper. The painting will be done on illustration board in acrylic. I'll post that as soon as I finish it.


Wesley Eggebrecht said...

I heard you have a heater in the garage now, NICE! Great stuff Chris, I like the dark font face, where you are looking down.

Matthew Byle said...

awesome update, lovin' the new work. keep em coming dude and enjoy break!