Fine Art Painting

Here is the first painting I've decided to post from my fine arts class. I haven't had too much success in that class, it's a very different atmosphere than illustration. This is the last painting I did, I'm somewhat satisfied with it, some stuff i feel could have been done better if I had one more class period. It's oil on canvas 24x30. Even though I haven't had much success just yet I still feel I've learned a huge amount in that class, especially about color. I'm more than excited to start the next homework assignment for this class, the only restrictions are that it has to be a narrative. Easy enough thats all illustration students do so me and the other illustration students are all doing stuff very stylized which will probably drive nancy nuts hahha.

Happy Spring Break Everyone! I'm picking up the new super smash bros if anyone is around Detroit the next week your welcome to stop by. It's going to be a good ol time!


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

This is very nicely done.

Maria Filar said...

really really nice!