Sketches Dud3!

Here is those sketches I promised you. These are all for my illustration class and some little doodles just for fun.

Oh and get this, my roomate Frank not only leaves our doors unlocked every time he leaves (we live in detroit) but just a minute ago he decided he would go one step further and just leave the front door wide open.... it's fucking winter.

And totally finished my self portrait in bitches class already. Entering that into a competition for print magazine, should be interesting. I think I might just do another since we do have like 2 weeks to work on this and it is the only fun assignment we're going to get in her class.

I'm thinking about turning that last sketch into a painting. Haven't done any personal pieces in awhile, should be interesting.


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

These are nice, Chris. I didn't realize you had me linked! I'll return the favor.

ChrisHoobler said...

why thank you! I just added you a few days ago, sure didnt take you long to notice