Charcoal Master and Self Portrait

Here is a charcoal piece done for my illustration class. We had to copy an old masters painting in charcoal and eventually are going to be re-creating the painting, pretty intimidating. I chose a Caravaggio painting cause he's the man. Took me around 4-5 hours to finish it. 1 sitting how about that, I feel like i got hit by a bus. haha.

the other piece is the beginning to a self portrait (although it doesnt look like me right now) for my fine arts figure class. Have to touch up some proportional issues but not too bad for a start, especially since i started it at 2am last night/this morning.
Anywho I'll have the finished painting up around friday since thats when it's due. Now it's time for some good old fashioned video games and sleeeeeeeeep!

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Matthew Byle said...

nice pieces, the painting is coming along nicely!