Hey everyone! Sorry for the extreme lack of updates lately. If anyone is looking for a status update I am still living in Detroit. I haven't found a full time position just yet but I have been fortunate enough to be apart of a pretty cool freelance project. Chris Harrison is a writer in California and contacted me about doing some concept art for his upcoming series. I've been hard at work creating characters, environments, web banners, etc. and once the website is up you can believe I will be posting links here.

Also Art X is coming up and I had a couple of submissions. Here is an older painting I decided to touch up and submit. Based off of an amazing tv show that I miss dearly, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. This was done with acrylic, gouache, ink and marker on wood.

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I like your interpretation of Flapjack, dude. I like that you touched it up too.