Senior Stuffs

So it's been literally forever since I posted something on here so I figured I probably should someday and it looks like that day is today. Here is a few pieces I've worked out for some of my senior classes. All of them are finished digitally. I've got quite a few paintings that need to be photographed that I did over the summer but I haven't got around to it yet. Very soon however those will be posted along with a few other senior pieces I've finished. Enjoy!


pmprofit said...

Hi Chris Hoobler! I'm your 2nd cousin Patsy Hoobler Profit...child of Harvey and Odeal Hoobler. Dawn (my sister) just sent me this link and I couldn't leave it without comment.

WOW! You are an incredibly talented young man. Uncle Wayne is bragging to his brothers up above. I am certain of that.

Keep up the good work. You make us Hooblers proud to call you a family member!

Sarah Ihrke said...

me gusta! keep up the good work

vince said...

hoobs! lovin the floating people. you should make this a series. of at least a dozen.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

im in love with that converse one!