Studies/Roughs/Self Portraits/The Workzzz

About to close up my sophomore year. The days continue to fly passed and with the weather warming up everyone has only one thing on their minds, summer vacation. Everyone seems to have a lack of motivation due to the weather, gonna have to do my best to finish off strong. Here's some studies and other things in the works right now.

This is a rough sketch of a painting I'm working on right now for my illustration class. I'm doing it with acrlyic and oil on a gessoed piece of wood. about 16x20 i believe. I'm pretty excited about this one, we have 3 weeks to work on it so I have plenty of time to really work on it. I'll post progress shots of it once I really get going on it. Just laying in some local color as of right now.

Just a few studies from my illustration class. After talking with Erik about my paintings he told me what I need to work on and has been helping me in class to really come up with more complete paintings( the top one is my most recent and the bottom one was just one class period)

Here is my "finished" self portrait. Not completely worked out but I have experienced an extreme lack of interest with this piece and really have no desire to continue working on it. Too much self portraits all at once.


Matthew Byle said...

Diggin' the new layout. Your colours are gettin' better, nice update!

Anonymous said...

this looks just like you! --meaghan